11am Sunday Service - Guest Speaker Cheryl Fare plus Reader's Theatre

Cheryl Fare has established herself as a leader with an artistic and spiritual voice of clarity over the course of a more than 35-year career as a writer, educator, actor, director, producer and musician.  As a writer she often focuses on real world topics, commenting on universal challenges as well as intimate, personal insights that give audiences a privileged glimpse of their own innermost virtues, fears and joys.  Cheryl’s style is direct, but subtly moving, using a quick wit and a wry sense of humor to shield readers while revealing the essence of life’s most sensitive topics.  Cheryl is a leader with a strong voice of reason, encouraging professional and community groups to engage in meaningful collaboration.  As a dynamic speaker and educator, her insights provide sparks that expand the field of opportunity for artistic and spiritual discovery.  Cheryl holds a Master of Fine Arts from VA Tech, and is a Licensed Unity Teacher Candidate with Unity Worldwide Ministries.  She serves on the Board of Directors for the Richmond Brain Tumor Support Group, and Free Jambalaya - a production company dedicated to the creation of original works.  She is a devoted soccer fan, and lives a very active life as a working actor, loving mother, wife and friend.


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