11am Sunday Service - Guest Speaker Debbie Johnston

Debbie's Story



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Originally I wanted to be a secretary like my mom, but after considerable coaxing from my dad, I decided to go into nursing. My dad told me that nursing would always afford me a job in good times and bad.

Following nursing school, I decided to work in the operating room where I learned a lot in a short amount of time. In fact, I was promoted and was entrusted to start ambulatory surgery for the hospital. I began to see people being discharged quicker and sicker, which prompted my curiosity about what was happening to patients once they were sent home. It was this curiosity that led me into my career of home care.

Through the years I have seen many changes in health care, but one thing for certain is that patients are being discharged much faster. People are going home much sooner and when they truly need help the most.

Care Advantage was born out of a need to help people once discharged home. This has naturally evolved from helping patients leave the hospital to holding their hand and making their last few hours the best possible.

Although I am a trained nurse and understand what nurses want as well as what patients need, it wasn’t until I became a caregiver for my own parents that I truly understood what Care Advantage really meant. I engaged my own company to take care of my mother and make her last days with us the best. We sent one of our nurses to be by her side in the hospital and at home, assuring that everything she needed was fulfilled. This was so helpful and allowed my siblings and father to rest, as family caregiving is a hard and heart aching job.

Not long after that I used my Medicare program, All About Care, to help my father recover from joint replacements and to help him back on his feet. Having used my own companies, I can truly say that Care Advantage and All About Care deliver what you need when you need it most.

(excerpted from careadvantageinc.com)