2019 Annual Congregational Meeting

Sunday, May 19th, 12:45 - 1:45pm

2019 Annual Congregational Meeting

ALL ARE INVITED to our Annual Congregational Meeting!

The meeting will feature reports from team leaders from all aspects of our vibrant ministry, along with Reverend Laura's ANNUAL REPORT.

Unity of Bon Air Members:

  • Please CLICK HERE to review the minutes from the 2018 Annual Meeting ahead of time, so those minutes can be approved.
  • Please CLICK HERE to review updates to the BY-LAWS in Article IV, Section 4.04, item c.3 so this update can be approved.

Board Elections will be held during the Annual Meeting - scroll down for details and to learn about absentee ballots.

This is a time to come together and celebrate our continuing growth and ministry of love and acceptance.

We look forward to seeing you all at the Annual Meeting!

2019 Board Elections

 Voting will take place during the Annual Meeting on Sunday, May 19th.  

  • Non-members are welcome to attend the Annual Meeting.  Only Unity of Bon Air members have the right to vote.
  • Members will vote for 3 of the candidates.
  • Absentee ballots will be available beginning May 5th.  To obtain an absentee ballot, attend on a Sunday morning, or come by the church office Monday - Friday, 10am-4pm through May 17th.  Absentee ballots must be submitted by the end of the 9am service on Sunday, May 19th.

The 2019 Candidates for Election to the Board of Directors will speak briefly during services on April 28th and May 19th, and each candidate will share what they bring to this position.  Read on to learn more about each candidate:

Nancy Green

Hello, my name is Nancy Green and I have been a member of Unity of Bon Air since 2005 or 2006.  After attending a class on Metaphysics, I was invited to attend church and I loved it. It suited my personal beliefs. I have taken many classes since in order to further my spiritual experience.  I have been privileged to serve on the UBA Board of Directors twice before and am pleased to run again.  I believe my running allows me to tithe of my time to Unity since I believe that, too, is a spiritual principle.  I look forward to serving this church I have come to love for another term on the Board.


Regina Goodwin

Unity of Bon Air has been my spiritual home since 2009, when I became a member alongside my husband Don. Our children Quinton and Alex were active in the YFM, and I have enjoyed serving as a YFM teacher and travelling with our YOU. I became a prayer chaplain in 2010 and fondly remember bringing the light from our former church building into our newly expanded church. I have attended many S.E.E. courses, Science of Mind courses, and prosperity classes such as 4T and Prosperity Plus.

Since my husband Don’s passing in 2016, I have found myself in a personal transition. I have a spiritual strength and resilience as a result of my involvement in this spiritual community. I have recently decided to further my involvement by resuming being a prayer chaplain and serving in YFM. I currently find myself wanting to rise up to the responsibility of leadership in Unity and serve as a board member. I have a desire to be a part of the planning and decision making to help our church community grow and expand. I recognize that this is an important stage in our church’s development with our new minister Reverend Laura.


Brent Jackson

I have been a member of Unity of Bon Air for over 7 years. I came to Unity after over 15 years as a member and in leadership with the Presbyterian Church. I realized eventually that I was well versed in the practices of the Presbyterian Church, but wanted a better relationship with and understanding of God. Unity provided me with the grace and knowledge that God was within me, has been helpful in my everyday life, and has allowed me to embrace love the way that spiritual positivity teaches.

Unity has given me so much and being a candidate for the Board is an honor. I previously served on the Board from 2015-2018, served on numerous committees, was the Treasurer for approximately 2 years, reviewed contracts, negotiated agreements and provided legal advice in my capacity as a practicing attorney.  I took 2018 off from the Board due to health reasons, and have now I have recuperated and lost over 25 pounds. These blessings are the things I wish to invest in the Church. When you have been blessed, love requires a “return” on your investment and that is why I am asking for your vote. I want to give back to the church and the congregation, the benefits of my abundance.


Jim Lakin

I wish to be on the Unity Board because I enjoy serving a community of like-minded travelers seeking to learn and grow. I desire to be a part of the solution to the ongoing growth of humanity.  UBA is a community which is providing opportunities for education, growth, understanding and exposure to differing thoughts and ways of being. We accept people where they are and act as the geese in a flock honking our support and Love in their journey.  I wish to help facilitate that experience by helping take care of some of the nuts and bolts that it takes to run and grow a church. There are many people needed to help make each person’s experience as meaningful as possible and so if elected I would challenge myself to continue to rise to that position. The power of a group working in concert to vision, plan and achieve the objective of spreading the inclusiveness of the Unity message is a powerful incentive for us all and for myself one that I find satisfying.


Valerie McCloud

I came to Unity of Bon Air several years ago by way of the Alchemist and A Course in Miracles.  As an instinctive seeker, I was led to Unity and what has become my “spiritual home.”  I have participated in volunteer activities including gardening, the bookstore, the Celebration Choir, Readers Theatre, and most recently as Lay Leader.  I launched the ‘We Stand Undivided’ initiative here at Unity, building a community of people to help loosen the grip of hate and divisiveness by deliberately acting in ways that are positive, kind, and that speak to our common humanity.

I am the founder of Foxfire Consulting, a Richmond, Virginia based organizational change management consulting company.  I have over 20 years of working experience in a combination of change management, project management, budgeting, and policy analysis.  My strengths include working with diverse groups and building collaboration. I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, and minor in Spanish. I am a Himalayan Institute certified yoga instructor and self-proclaimed consignment shopping guru. Serving on the Board would be a privilege; a way to contribute with creative and innovative ideas, outreach efforts, and building community inside and outside the doors of Unity.


Nicole Robowski

I am a wellness advocate.  I have a psychology background and I am working towards a better future for myself, my family and the world. At Unity of Bon Air, I am a volunteer for the YFM, assistant director and I am a member of NGU. I want to be on the board because I believe in the future of this church, and I can give my perspective on the experiences I have had within the church and outside the church. I have been volunteering in various departments of the church i.e. Fellowship, youth ministry, and the gardens, which shows I care and I am invested in the church. I also hope to increase my experience with opportunities like this in the future. What I can bring to the board is a different perspective and insights that may not be otherwise voiced, if chosen I hope to bring growth and connection to the congregants and church.


Gary Schepker

I have been a government employee my entire career overseeing utility improvements underground, the construction inspection of residential and commercial buildings, and lately bridges for the Virginia Department of Transportation.  Currently, I am responsible for 135 people, separate plants fabricating materials for VDOT at manufacturing facilities located throughout the United States.  I also sit on the Board of Directors for the American Society of Non Destructive Testing.  The Society conducts testing that does not ruin the planet.  These tests are radiographs, ultrasonic, magnetic particle and of course, the most nondestructive test – visual.  As a former Unity of Bon Air Board member, I will bring my knowledge, talent, experience, and an open mind to all matters that will guide UBA into the future.