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Novena for Peace and Unity from Reverend Laura

Novena for Peace and Unity

June 2, 2019


Dear Friend,

The event at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center on Friday, May 31st, has affected many of us at a deep level.  As we allow ourselves to experience the feelings associated with this sudden outburst of violence and loss of life, we also allow the strength of our compassion to call forth the healing power of Divine Love as we reach out to others in prayer. 

Spiritual Gifts from Reverend Valorie Kay

Spiritual Gifts from Reverend Valorie Kay

Our 5th Unity Principle is to live the Truth we know. Living the truth means putting action to our knowledge. Expressing our gifts in the world in service is a sacred practice.  Our spiritual gifts are a two-fold path. The first is being who we came here to be. The second is doing service according to who we are and what we value.

After you have discerned what your gifts are, you can offer 5 forms of service according to Andrew Harvey:

Lessons from Weeds from Jodi Smith

Lessons from Weeds from Jodi Smith

Today, I removed honeysuckle from my azaleas. Honeysuckle will kill azaleas if not removed. It is a hearty weed, even wrapping around azalea branches to disguise itself.

Azaleas are us—our spirit, our true self. Honeysuckle can seem beautiful and fragrant, but don’t let it fool you—it is a weed.  Honeysuckle is our problems, our fears, our issues, and our egoic mind. 


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