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Teach Only Love from Susan Green

Teach Only Love from Susan Green

Recently I was reminded of how some individuals and faiths interpret the Bible in ways which discriminate against or teach fear of other people.  Someone I know of was let go from a position in a church due to their way of being and loving.  The Youth in that church wrote to their elders quoting Jeremiah 31:3 and added, “We feel that certain aspects of the church have forgotten that God loves everyone.  Why would God hate a person simply for loving someone?”  I am very proud of these young people.

Color My World from Rev. Laura

Color My World from Rev. Laura

October is a beautiful month when the leaves of many trees begin to display their true color.  Even if you cannot see the color, the shorter hours of daylight and the cooling of the air tell you that something fresh and new is unfolding.  To experience the beauty of life you must be able to find its color.  What takes you beyond the boundaries of what you already know has the potential of renewing and refreshing you. 

Autumn Reminders from Cheryl Fare

Autumn Reminders from Cheryl Fare, Licensed Unity Teacher

The changing of the seasons is upon us again. It’s time to move on from the lush summer heat, and make that inward turn toward the contemplation of shorter days and longer nights. As the leaves on the trees transform in a glorious spectacle, we are reminded to take stock of all the harvest.

Busy Brain from Cheryl Fare

Busy Brain from Cheryl Fare, Licensed Unity Teacher

Ever have a case of “busy brain” when you’re trying to be all spiritual? Unity teachings encourage us to seek the Silence or Stillness in our spiritual practice. Of course, in our human lives there never is actual silence or stillness, is there? How can we call it silence when there is a constant chorus of sound, inside the body and in the environment? It’s not really stillness, is it, when the body is constantly in the motion of breathing?


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