Bring It On! from Rev Valorie Kay

Bring It On! from Reverend Valorie Kay

 Bring it on, everything new, everything different, everything true. I am ready for the next thing to do. Oh, I know it’s gonna be everything new.”  -Daniel Nahmod.

For another year, Christmas is behind us, but our light remains. Our Unity burning bowl tradition makes us mindful that release of what no longer serves us is the key to bringing our vision for our greatest expression to life.  With conscious evolution, we transcend the darker times and include the lessons and growth that has propelled us forward.

Solstice, Hanukah, Christmas, Wesak, Diwali, and Kwanzaa fall into this time of year reminding us of the light and Unity of each religion and culture; One Humanity, Many expressions.  We all have a common desire to start fresh in the New Year with peace and prosperity. So bring it on! I am ready for the next way I can shine the light!  Happy Kwanzaa!