Building Community in 2019!

"Building Community" is Unity of Bon Air's theme for 2019!


1st Quarter of 2019:  Community Foundations

As we focus on Community Foundations, we enhance and enrich our spiritual foundations with a focus on the building blocks of faith and Unity Principles.

12 Power themes –

  • Faith
  • Strength
  • Love

Adult Education –

Special Events –


2nd Quarter of 2019:  Community Pillars

As we focus on Community Pillars, we honor and celebrate the individuals and teams that make up the living structure of our thriving ministry.

12 Power themes –

  • Wisdom
  • Power
  • Imagination


3rd Quarter of 2019:  Community Enhancements

As we focus on Community Enhancement, we create sacred spaces in our hearts and lives for new ideas, relationships, and understanding.

12 Power themes –

  • Understanding
  • Will
  • Order


4th Quarter of 2019:  Community Connections

As we focus on Community Connections, we enthusiastically seek out opportunities to expand the love consciousness of our ministry through service and engagement.

12 Power themes –

  • Zeal
  • Life
  • Release