Conversation Skills - Class

Tuesdays at 7pm, February 5th through March 5th

Conversation Skills

with Reverend Valorie Kay

Conversation Skills is a course that enhances effective communication skills to include the ability to

stay in dialogue when emotions are driving us to “shout out” or “shut down.” This course provides

knowledge and tools for listening, creating connection and facilitating dialogue in tough, emotional

situations. The principles and models taught are aligned with spiritual practices. The class

is based on the model of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), which includes: taking responsibility for our

own experience; commitment to increasing our awareness of our own feelings and needs as well

as those of the people with whom we interact; and having the capacity to be authentic and

compassionate in all circumstances.

This course is available for optional Spiritual Education & Enrichment (SEE) credit through Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute (UWSI).  Students taking the course for credit will register for SPD 112 Conversation Skills through UWSI at

New-Rock Fellowship Hall/Facilitated by Valorie Kay/Generous Love Offering