Happy New Year! from Reverend Laura

Happy New Year! From Reverend Laura

I remember a New Year’s Eve at my grandmother’s house when I was 8 years old.  She woke my sister and I up from a deep sleep, brought us out from the bedroom, made pointed hats out of aluminum foil, gave us spinning noise makers, and served cranberry juice at the stroke of midnight. 

My grandmother taught me that it is worth being awake for the beginning of something new.  What will be new in your New Year?  Perhaps you will start practicing a new attitude of optimism where you may have been cynical or pessimistic.  Perhaps you will release an old idea of how things should be and take on a new vision of how they can be. 

Whatever is new for you, you can wake up to the possibility that is 2019, and the ability to experience a year of fresh energy and new blessings!