Heart-And-Hand Kindness Revolution

Heart-and-Hand Kindness Revolution

March 3 through April 21, 2019


Unity of Bon Air extends a special invitation to you to join us in the Sunday Messages, Special Events, Music, Weekly Themes, and Daily Practices that are part of our Heart-and-Hand Kindness Revolution. Release your limitations this Lenten season through the universal practices of giving expression to your innate ability for love and compassion. Help to heal the divisiveness in your life, your community, and your world.

Daily statements for practicing kindness will be added to this page on a weekly basis, and also included in Sunday Bulletins and the weekly E-News.

This is a Six-Week and Seven Sunday Program leading up to the new Life of Easter Sunday through the following themes:


Week 1: March 3 -9

Weekly Theme: Self Care and Awareness

Daily Practices:

*Sunday, March 3rd: Self-Support - Find comfort and inspiration in the company of like-minded people.

*Monday, March 4th: Self-Indulgence - Eat a meal that is both delicious and healthy and slowly savor every bite.

*Tuesday, March 5th: Self-Empowerment - Exercise in a way that gives you the experience of having treated your body well.

* Ash Wednesday, March 6th: Self-Forgiveness - Bring to mind a limiting self-judgment. Write it down. Notice how it makes you feel. Tear up the paper. Say to yourself silently or aloud, “You have not power over me. I let you go and I am free.” Say it until you feel it!

* Thursday, March 7th: Self-Affirmation - Envision yourself as a radiant being. Write down the affirmation, “I am triumphant, glorious, and free!” Say it until you feel it.

* Friday, March 8th: Self-Acceptance - At least 3 times throughout your day, look into the mirror and say, “I love you just the way you are!”

* Saturday, March 9th: Self-Enjoyment - Share a funny story about yourself and enjoy a good laugh.


Week 2: March 10-16

Weekly Theme: Making a Difference in Your World

Daily Practices:

  • Sunday, March 10th:  Practice being happy throughout the day and see how many smiles you can give away.
  • Monday, March 11th:  Treat the current news headlines as a prayer list, sending love and blessings to everyone who is affected by local, national, or global events.
  • Tuesday, March 12th:  Find a way to contribute to the community in which you live.  If you already have one, renew your enthusiasm for it.
  • Wednesday, March 13th:  Speak kindly to someone you don’t already know, or write a love note to someone who is not expecting it.  
  • Thursday, March 14th:  Read an article or watch a program on a culture or country about which you know very little.  Learn something new and deepen your appreciation for the world in which you live.
  • Friday, March 15th:  Let the natural beauty of your world bless you today and do something good for your environment.  
  • Saturday, March 16th: Cup your hands in front of you and imagine you are holding the whole world in them.  Dedicate your hands to filling the world with love.



Week 3: March 17-23

Weekly Theme: Equanimity in All Things

  • Sunday, March 17th:  Be kind to yourself by meditating for at least twenty minutes today.  Observe the thoughts that move through your mind without judgment or resistance and let them go.
  • Monday, March 18th:  Think of a problem or challenge in your life and assert that nothing is wrong.  Empower yourself to seek resolution from this place of awareness.
  • Tuesday, March 19th:  Think of someone whose behavior challenges you.  Separate the person from the behavior and let the challenge call forth an act of kindness from you.
  • Wednesday, March 20th:  Throughout the day, become aware of your negative judgments and opinions of the people in your life and world without judging yourself for them.  Free yourself of them with the statement, “I release you and let you go.”
  • Thursday, March 21st:  Complete what is yours to do today without procrastination.  If there is incompletion, commit to a time for completion.
  • Friday, March 22nd: Declare completion with your tasks at the end of your day, and get a good night’s sleep.
  • Saturday, March 23rd:  Find a way to have fun!


Week 4: March 24-29

Weekly Theme: Youthful Connections

  • Sunday, March 24th:  In your own words, tell a child or teenager how wonderful they are! 
  • Monday, March 25th:  Make a child smile and let a child make you smile.
  • Tuesday, March 26th:  Pray for the world’s children and/or for a special child or teenager you know. 
  • Wednesday, March 27th:  Sing or whistle while you work. 
  • Thursday, March 21st:  Do something silly.
  • Friday, March 22nd: Do something cool.
  • Saturday, March 23rd:  Share a good joke!


Week 5: March 31-April 6

Weekly Theme: Anonymous Giving

  • Sunday, March 31st:  Give Substance:  Give something material, money or otherwise, toward the greater good of all. 
  • Monday, April 1st:  Receive Substance:  Let someone give you a gift of money, or buy you lunch, or provide something material that betters your life.  Receive Service: Graciously and gratefully receive someone’s beneficial actions for you.  Receive Love:  Gratefully accept someone’s gift to you. 
  • Tuesday, April 2nd:  Give Service:  Commit to a new form of serving others through beneficial actions, or a new way of doing an old form of service. Give Salutations:  Give a smile, a prayer, a thoughtful word, or a kind gesture to everyone you encounter today. 
  • Wednesday, April 3rd:  Receive Service: Graciously and gratefully receive someone’s beneficial actions for you.  Receive Love:  Gratefully accept someone’s gift to you. 
  • Thursday, April 4th:  Give Salutations:  Give a smile, a prayer, a thoughtful word, or a kind gesture to everyone you encounter today. 
  • Friday, April 5th: Receive Salutations:  Receive and reflect the friendly greetings of others. 
  • Saturday, April 6th:  Give and Receive Serendipity:  Spontaneously let Spirit guide in random acts of kindness all day.


Week 6: April 7-13

Weekly Theme: The Beauty of Kindness

Week Six, Kindness in Action:  Love Your Neighbor.

The following practices are inspired by Sunday’s lesson with Yemaja Jubilee and Roi Boyd

Note:  Neighbor is from the Greek root, plesion, meaning close, near, one of shared and fellow.  It refers to those with whom we share our life experience.

Daily Practices:

  • Sunday, April 7th:  Know your neighbor.  Practice seeing everyone you meet and/or hear about as your neighbor. 
  • Monday, April 8th:  Get involved. Become part of fulfilling a need for your community.
  • Tuesday, April 9th:  Reach out.  Have a loving and constructive conversation with someone in your community who has, heretofore, been a stranger to you.
  • Wednesday, April 10th:  Uplift others.  Speak kind and acknowledging words to those whom you see today. 
  • Thursday, April 11th:  Give Selflessly.  Go out of your way to do a kind deed without expectation of getting something in return.
  • Friday, April 12th: Love Offering:  Offer assistance, money, help, and/or a smile to someone in your community who could benefit from what you have to give. 
  • Saturday, April 13th:  Pay it forward:  Do a good deed for someone and ask the recipient to do the same for another.



Seventh Sunday: Easter Sunday, April 21

Theme: Heaven on Earth: Unity with All Life