The Language of God - Metagetics & The Bible

Thursdays at 10am, May 2nd through June 13th

The Language of God - Metagetics & The Bible

with Reverend Laura Barrett Bennett

Metagetics is a revolutionary approach to scriptural interpretation. This Spring 2019 course will offer the first half of this transformational opportunity to create a new world from an ancient text. The second half of the course will be offered in Fall 2019.

“What if a new relationship with the Bible could be formed for you, the free thinking individual with an open heart and discerning mind?

What if this relationship connected heart and mind to immerse you in the mystical experience and mindful interpretation that leads to masterful living?

What if it liberated you from the limitations of the past through the revelation of a fresh outlook on the present, and a new possibility for the future?

In its application to the Bible, metagetics reaches into the writings and stories from ages of human struggle, evolution, and wisdom to draw forth the spiritual teachings that are as powerful and pertinent today as they were several millennia ago. It then shapes these teachings into language and practices that not only work for your life, but also have the potential to uplift all of humankind.

Sanctuary/Facilitated by Rev Laura/Generous Love Offering