My Christmas List from Zita Correll

My Christmas List
from Zita Correll
Any time I hear My Grown Up Christmas List by Kelly Clarkson, I always stop to listen, and hold the song’s sentiment in my heart for the world.  When first hearing it this year, I wondered when I stopped writing my Christmas list…..?
Until I was about 8 years old, I wrote letters to Santa listing all the toys, games, puzzles, clothing, and shoes I wanted, and the most important item, a Barbie Doll. I would point out how good I’d been all year so he just had to bring me everything on my list. I would then give it to my great-grandmother to send to Santa.
My middle sister was the one that told me Santa was not real, that my mom what the real Santa. I figured something had been up with the whole Santa thing when I only received the “practical gifts”, some of the games, but never that most important Barbie Doll. Knowing my mom was a single parent raising 3 girls on a single income, this didn’t stop me from loving the holiday season. I learned to be very grateful for the “practical gifts” in my life.
This year I invite us all to listen to the lyrics of My Grown Up Christmas List as inspiration for creating your own Grown Up Christmas List with the intent of it being a wish for the world.

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