Prayer Support

At Unity of Bon Air, everything we do is founded on prayer. Each meeting and discussion by staff and small groups begins with prayer, and our church leaders use their prayer and meditation times to hold the vision of our ministry. Unity, as a movement, began very simply with small prayer groups in people’s homes. The results were so amazing that more people wanted to share the amazing power of prayer with their friends and families.

Prayer is the primary means through which we experience and manifest the power and presence of God in our lives. Unity of Bon Air offers several forms of Prayer Ministry. We invite you to use these prayer resources and experience the wondrous Love and Power of God as it flows to us, and through us, in prayer.



Prayer Team

The Prayer Team at Unity of Bon Air is committed to holding our congregation in prayer daily! During their private prayer time every day, the members of our Prayer Team hold in prayer for 30 days each and every prayer request. We have a prayer box and prayer request forms in the sanctuary for you to leave your prayer requests. These requests are held in confidence.

Prayer Chaplain Ministry

Unity Prayer Chaplains are available to pray with you after Sunday services. They also make monthly telephone calls to each member to pray and celebrate life milestones.

2018-19 Unity Prayer Chaplains
Bottom row from left:  Susan Green, Amy Corsetti, Anne Darling, Diana Clark, Rev. Joyce Fisher Pierce
2nd row: Rev. Valorie Kay Gunsch, Brenan Graham, Sandy Farmer
3rd row: Stephanie Metzger, Marie Giammarco, Sharri MacKenzi, Maire Taylor
Top row: Cheryl Fare, Kelley Lane, Patricia Alli, Wima Langeveld, Margaret Porter-Daniel, Chuck Clark, Dottie Klammer, Carrie Simmons, Emily Pels, Melody Neal
 Not pictured: MaryDawn Wright


A Unity Prayer Chaplain is:

  • Someone who can create and hold a sacred space with you.
  • Someone who lovingly listens to you without judgment and holds what is heard in strict confidence.
  • Someone who prays with you.
  • Someone who is here to support you on your spiritual journey.

Prayer Chaplain Support

There are several ways to obtain prayer chaplain support.

  • Look for a Prayer Chaplain after both Sunday services. They are the ones with the purple neck sashes, and they are available to pray with you.
  • You can complete and submit your prayer request here.
  • Or, you may call in your request 804-320-5584, ext. 6. Our Prayer Team will hold you in prayer for 30 days. If you would like a Prayer Chaplain to call you, please clearly state your name, your telephone number, and the best time for a Prayer Chaplain to call you.

Around the Clock Prayer

Silent Unity is a worldwide prayer ministry that has been in continuous prayer for over 100 years, with people of all faiths. When you request Prayer support, Silent Unity will pray with you for 30 days, in strictest confidentiality, reverence and respect.

Call Silent Unity's 24-hour Prayer Chaplains at 816-969-2000 or toll-free 800-669-7729 (English), or 866-379-1500 (Spanish), or visit Silent Unity.