Prepositions & Prayer from Frank Einsmann

Prepositions and Prayer from Frank Einsmann


What do prepositions have to do with prayer?

Prepositions connect us to things.  When I have had a problem in the past, friends have said that they would pray FOR me.  I am always grateful to receive a gift of prayer, but praying FOR separates us into giver and receiver.  I would prefer the use of the preposition WITH.  If I say I will pray with you, we are praying together.  We are on the same prayer team. I believe this brings us closer together and doesn’t separate us into giver and receiver.

So, the next time a friend is in the need of prayer, try using the preposition WITH by saying, “I will be praying WITH you.”  It’s easy to say, and then watch to see if you feel closer to the person you are praying with.