Sacred Season from Reverend Laura

Sacred Season

What a sacred season this is!  In prayerful moments, you can open yourself to faith and hope, peace and love, and a joy for living.  As an expression of faith, hope opens the way for new possibility, even in the face of the greatest challenge.  Peace resides in the abiding presence of grace at the core of your being and love is its expression.  A joyful attitude toward life can move you through the ups and downs of emotionswith an appreciation forall the ways life teaches you to be more of the Divine in expression.

I welcome you to any, or all, of our Holiday Activities to bless you with the awesome experience of this holiday season as your soul magnifies the spiritual gifts of faith, hope, peace, love, and joy!

“My soul magnifies the Lord,… (Matthew 1:47) 

Blessings and Love, Rev. Laura