Season of Thanks & Giving

Season of Thanks & Giving
from Reverend Valorie Kay

I saw a sign in a retail store that read, “Let there be thanks and giving.”  As we express an attitude of gratitude, we give from a state of generosity.
Hailey Bartholomew started a 365 Grateful campaign by taking a photo a day to document the things for which she was grateful.  She had been depressed and asked a nun for advice. The nun told her that reflection and gratitude were keys to her happiness. Hailey began her practice and her life was transformed.
We too can transform our lives by focusing on gratitude. Gratitude is a state of being. Appreciation turns into action. From appreciation, we discover generosity and give of our time, talent, and treasure.
One fruit of Hailey’s project was that a woman who lost her baby shortly after birth found support for her grief by using Hailey’s practice. 
Let this be a season of thanks and giving and living an abundant life.