Self-Care Class

Thursdays at 7pm, November 1 - December 6

(no class on November 22 - Thanksgiving)

Self-Care Class with Cheryl Fare LUT

Self-care involves making choices that reflect a consciousness of well-being. As we become aware of the care of our mind, body and spirit, we discover that when we are our best self, we make contributions to our family, our communities and our world consciously.
This course will provide guidelines and action plans for instilling practices of self-care in the areas of awareness, mindfulness, setting boundaries, letting go, forgiveness and self-love. The class will be both reflective and interactive as we build self-awareness and share what works in applying self-care practices into daily life. We will identify how to use this foundation in times of stress and chaos as well.
Presented on a Generous Love Offering Basis.
This course is being offered for (optional) Spiritual Education & Enrichment credit through Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute.  Those taking for credit will register for the course and pay a $45 fee through the online UWSI portal:
CLICK HERE to view the Syllabus and Reading Assignments for the Self-Care class.
Self-Care will be braodcast in our new ZOOM online classroom. Here is the link to join the class:
New-Rock Fellowship Hall/Facilitated by Cheryl Fare/Generous Love Offering