Sizzling Summer Series

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Thursday, July 6th, 7:00 - 9:00pm

Uncovering and Embracing  SOUL POWER - SoulTranSync, a unifying practice of Self Inquiry, Meditation and Ho,oponopono

with Edward Miller   

Focus is on using the practice of Ho,oponopono to transform your relationship with yourself and the world around you.

Discover what you can do to put an end to the habitual thoughts and emotions that limit your freedom.

Learn powerful tools to let go of painful thoughts and memories that keep you from achieving happiness and self-realization.

Make "First Contact" with your Inner Child, learning to comfort, nurture and self-forgive.

Facilitated by Reverend Phyllis Min/Sanctuary/Generous love offering

Thursday, July 13th, 7:00 - 9:00pm 

Energy Medicine in the Operating Room - A Journey of the Heart 

with Margaretta McIlvaine   

Eight years ago, Margaretta accompanied a client to open heart surgery at UVA hospital in Charlottesville, VA.

What she experienced there was profound and life changing.  She will share some unique findings, scientific as well as spiritual, about this experience and the numerous surgeries she has had the privilege to attend as an energy worker.

Facilitated by Reverend Phyllis Min/Sanctuary/Generous love offering

Thursday, July 20th, 7:00 - 9:00pm 

Awaken Your Masterful Self

with Robert Tennyson Stevens  

Mastery Systems has discovered a new Conscious Human Operating System fostering powerful upgrades in personal and organizational life through a series of expanding octaves structured for continuous improvement.  Our system is based in the experience that healthy individuals and systems reach their highest potential when they become conscious of the deeper meaning of verbal and non-verbal language, body language, and other signals from the other-than-conscious self. 

Our Life Upgrade Coaching techniques empower, encourage, and enlighten our Clients to remember and apply their own Divine connection, wisdom and victorious choices to thrive.

Facilitated by Reverend Phyllis Min/Sanctuary/Generous love offering

Thursday, July 27th, 7:00 - 9:00pm  

Honoring the Empathic: Tapping into the Gifts of Sensitivity

with Laura Lee  

Calling all empaths and highly sensitive persons. We will explore the different types of empaths, dispel shaming myths of being too "thin-skinned," and learn ways to honor and care for ourselves without having to tone down our receptivity. Acknowledge the challenges while also discovering the power of living with such depth and intensity of sensation. Practice simple exercises that remind us how to restore the sacred relationship to our empathic capacities so we can use them for our highest purpose.

Private sessions are available with Laura on Friday, July 28th at Unity of Bon Air. These sessions are $100 for 50 minutes. Sign-up is on the bulletin board. Checks are made payable to Unity of Bon Air.

Facilitated by Reverend Phyllis Min/Sanctuary/Generous love offering

Thursday, August 3rd, 7:00 - 9:00pm 

The Wisdom of Tarot 
with Ellen Valentine Laperriere  


Are you ready to learn more about the history, symbolism, guidance, and healing power of reading Tarot Cards?  We will explore a little history, symbolism, and card placement to provide you with a background of where Tarot Cards come from and how to read them.  However, the real power of Tarot Cards comes from the spiritual guidance, insights, wisdom, and increased self-awareness provided by the card reading. Come explore this fabulous world of Tarot as a divination tool that will enhance your spiritual growth and self-discovery!


Private sessions are available with Ellen on Friday and Saturday by calling 941-224-9684. She will be scheduling sessions on Friday, August 4th and Saturday, August 5th. Sessions are $45 per half hour and $75 for an hour. Sessions will not be held at Unity Bon Air, so make sure the confirm the location with Ellen when scheduling.


Facilitated by Reverend Phyllis Min/Sanctuary/Generous love offering

Thursday, August 10th, 7:00 - 9:00pm  

Getting to Know EVE - Effortless Vertical Equipoise 

with Mackie Boblette

What:  By design, our ankles, knees, hips, shoulders and head should line up in vertical and horizontal lines. Do our bodies come to that place easily and effortlessly? How does this effect our health, energy and well-being? What can we do to remind our bodies to return to this original design? Wear some loose fitting clothes, soft soled shoes, we're going to have a little fun and PLAY (Posture Lightness Alignment Youthening).

Facilitated by Reverend Phyllis Min/Sanctuary/Generous love offering

Thursday, August 17th, 7:00 - 9:00pm 

Roll Back: Treating Myofascial Trigger Points 

with Samantha Anderson  

Have you ever been told that you have lots of “knots” or “adhesions” in your back, neck, or shoulders? Do you wonder how those knots and adhesions are formed and what they do to your body? This interactive class will cover the anatomy of trigger points, and will teach you easy self-myofascial release solutions designed to reduce discomfort and pain.  Bring a yoga mat, and wear yoga or athletic clothing to allow ease of movement during the techniques portion of class.

Facilitated by Reverend Phyllis Min/Sanctuary/Generous love offering

Thursday, August 24th, 7:00 - 9:00pm 

Your Gut, Your Mind: The Co-Dependent Couple 

with Dr. Sherron Marquina  

The direct connections between your  brain and your gut.  It’s not a chemical imbalance, it’s not aging, it’s not hereditary – it’s the bugs in your gut that determine your brain health, your mood, your mental competence. Dr. Marquina will be covering the five keys for choosing your bugs wisely, in order to guarantee a productive brain throughout chronic stress, illness, menopause, andropause, and into graceful aging.

Facilitated by Reverend Phyllis Min/Sanctuary/Generous love offering