Someone is Praying for You from Susan Green

"Someone Is Praying For You"

from Susan Green, Prayer Chaplain Coordinator


Erin McGaughan wrote this song which beautifully describes what having a prayer chaplain is like.  “Someone is praying for you.  Someone is knowing the Truth for you.  Be comforted in love.”  There are 20 Unity of Bon Air prayer chaplains, ready to hold you in prayer for whatever challenge you are facing or dream you are visioning.  They are ready to be your partner in belief.   Because our ego mind is often ready to throw doubt at our faith, don’t you want some back-up?  

Our prayer chaplains know with you, but also for you, that there is an unfailing supply of good ready for you to receive.  Isn’t that comforting?  The song says, “Could you hold on if you knew that love was all around you?”  Bring that extra love to yourself by asking for your own prayer chaplain or pray with one of us on Sunday.  Be comforted.