Spiritual Home from Nancy Green

Spiritual Home

by Nancy Green, UBA Board member

I am Nancy Green, and I would like to share how I found Unity.

In 2004 a friend asked me if I would be interested in a class on Metaphysics. I enrolled, and when this same friend asked me to join her on Sunday morning, I attended.  I immediately felt at home, I became a member that spring, and I have never left.

The Unity principles coincide with long held beliefs of my own and I have found a Spiritual home I have never had before. Moreover, it dovetails nicely with the 12 step principles which have guided my life for the past twenty-seven years.  Since I first joined the church, I have attended any number of classes, have worked on the Garden team and the Sunday team as well as two terms on the Board.

My hope is you will find your “Spiritual Home” here at Unity Bon Air, also!