Unitive Circles Training

Fridays: March 22 & April 12th, 9am - 5pm

Unitive Circles Training

This event is part of the Unitive Justice for Leaders program, running March 12 - April 30th.

In this training, you will learn about Unitive Justice and how Unitive Justice Theory can make us better leaders in our organizations, schools, and communities. Even if you are not currently in a leadership role, you can hone your leadership and communication skills to be used in everyday life for “Unitive Living.” You will also experience Unitive Circles during our two Friday workshops.

Unitive Justice for Leaders Objectives:

  • Learn about Unitive Justice as a parallel system of justice that moves us from proportional revenge to lovingkindness.

  • Learn about the 14 Arcs to Unitive Justice and how they apply to leadership.

  • Understand Unitive Circles and how they can be used to heal conflict.