Your Best Year Starts Here! From Claudia Carawan


Your Best Year Starts Here!

from Claudia Carawan


At my annual women’s retreat last year, my co-facilitator suggested the theme “Your Best Year Starts Here.” 

This idea seemed like a bold statement, so it was worth exploring. 

Ever since the retreat I have paused to reflect on this question every day: What would I have to experience, to learn, to do, or acquire to have a “best year” result?  

I’ve made my bucket list of goals and “things” to experience, but I realize that achieving everything on this list won’t necessarily guarantee my happiness.

What would make 2019 the best year yet?

For me, the answer lies in remembering that life is a miracle and every day is a gift.   If I can keep this awareness I know the year will be a happy one.

Each day is a gift.   Open it.   Celebrate   Enjoy it!

Here’s to an amazing 2019!