2020 Vision from Rev. Laura

2020 Vision

From Reverend Laura Barrett Bennett

In this New Year, how do you view your life and world?  Is it a world of anger, division, limited resources, and violence; or – is it a world of love, unity, infinite supply, and peace?  When you embrace the clean slate of a New Year, the possibilities are unlimited.  Anger becomes a cry for love. Division becomes a call to listen and bring unity.  Limited resources point the way to new ideas that open doors to the infinite supply of an abundant universe.  Violence strengthens your resolve to find peace in yourself and share it with others. 

Ask yourself each day, “Who am I here to be today?” – and resolve to be that – just for today.  In this way, your “2020 Vision” will lead the way to heaven on earth.

“Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.  (Matthew 6:10b)