Autumn Reminders from Cheryl Fare

Autumn Reminders from Cheryl Fare, Licensed Unity Teacher

The changing of the seasons is upon us again. It’s time to move on from the lush summer heat, and make that inward turn toward the contemplation of shorter days and longer nights. As the leaves on the trees transform in a glorious spectacle, we are reminded to take stock of all the harvest.

How are we doing at being the Power of Love in our lives, in our families, in our communities? Following the lead of nature, we thoughtfully acknowledge, preserve and perpetuate that which is working well. With that same age-old wisdom, we carefully consider that which fails to flourish, endeavoring to learn our lessons well. We gently release that which no longer serves the highest good, like colorful leaves floating to the ground.  Through all this, we are grateful for all the lessons and opportunities.  Such are the beautiful reminders of the autumn. And so it is.