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Three Candles from Jim Lakin

Three Candles from UBA Board member, Jim Lakin

As we reflect on Memorial Day 2020, here are some thoughts from UBA Board member, Jim Lakin, on a way to set an intention for a better world, and honor those who have come before. The idea is to take three candles, and light them individually with the following thoughts in mind:

Healing & Opportunity through Loss

Healing and Opportunity through Grief
For many, the global pandemic experience is one of loss. Loss of health, loss of loved ones, loss of a way of being and way of life - we are all experiencing loss in some way. If we seek to heal and grow through this process, the first step in that transformation is acknowledgement. Taking the time to fully inhabit this moment, in all its forms, allows space for our next best steps to be discovered with ease and grace. 

April Fool from Rev. Laura

April Fool

from Reverend Laura

Every morning I hear the birds singing and see the flowers blooming.  Squirrels run across my back deck and woodpeckers tap in accelerated rhythm in search of their morning meal.  What fools!  Don’t they know that the world is in crisis and that the health of every human being is at stake? 


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