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Evolving Together from Rev. Laura

Evolving Together

By Laura Barrett Bennett

Unity’s co-founder, Charles Fillmore, wrote and published these words during the years of the Great Depression.  Spiritual discernment reveals that we are in the dawn of a new era, that the old methods of supply and support are fast passing away, and that new methods are waiting to be brought forth.

To be an inclusive spiritual community where we live and grow together in peace and prosperity, we must learn how to do so in ways that stretch us beyond what we have heretofore known or experienced.

The Heart of Understanding from Rev Valorie Kay

The Heart of Understanding from Reverend Valorie Kay

What does it mean to have understanding? I have thought about this a lot lately. With the impact of covid-19, economic decline, and racial inequality our collective psyche is vulnerable. Part of the prayer of St. Francis says, “may I seek not so much to be understood, but to understand.”

In Unity, we are taught about a spiritual power we have called “understanding”.  This is the ability to comprehend, realize and have insight. This can be called spiritual intuition.

A Prayer for Abundant Justice and Love

A Prayer for Abundant Justice and Love

from Unity World Headquarters

As one in divine presence, we embrace our common humanity. We are held in the loving arms of Spirit, and we rise above fear to walk in love, faith, and peace.

Our hearts are with all who are touched by recent events. We release any beliefs that divide us and turn to one another with understanding. Wisdom reveals the path to healing for our communities. With unity of purpose, we create justice, equality, and peace for all people.

Three Candles from Jim Lakin

Three Candles from UBA Board member, Jim Lakin

As we reflect on Memorial Day 2020, here are some thoughts from UBA Board member, Jim Lakin, on a way to set an intention for a better world, and honor those who have come before. The idea is to take three candles, and light them individually with the following thoughts in mind:

Healing & Opportunity through Loss

Healing and Opportunity through Grief
For many, the global pandemic experience is one of loss. Loss of health, loss of loved ones, loss of a way of being and way of life - we are all experiencing loss in some way. If we seek to heal and grow through this process, the first step in that transformation is acknowledgement. Taking the time to fully inhabit this moment, in all its forms, allows space for our next best steps to be discovered with ease and grace. 


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