Board Candidates 2020

UBA Board Candidates Information for May 2020 Membership Meeting


Stephanie Clark






I began attending Unity of Bon Air Sunday services when I moved to Richmond in 2015 and last year became a member. Much of what I didn’t know how to articulate about my beliefs has been reflected back to me through Unity teachings and I have truly enjoyed learning more about myself in this community of like-minded souls through classes, book studies, workshops and time spent with fellow Unitics. I have a passion for developing community and have created multiple spaces for coalition and alliance; from Fall Brazaar, a free healthcare festival dedicated to education about health and cancers to a weekly radio broadcast that seeks to expand conversations around sensitive issues most avoid. In the past five years, I’ve volunteered for the Garden Team, YFM, the Fellowship Committee and the Prayer Team and I’d be thrilled to stretch my wings by increasing my service to the church by becoming a member of the Board of Directors.



Amy Fulcher-Davis



I love the members of our congregation and our Unity Principles. Becoming a Unity of Bon Air Board member is a sacred privilege. As a Board member, I will have a greater opportunity to love and to serve our congregation and community. I have been a member of Unity since 2001 when I took a 4T class at Unity of Richmond. Julie and I met in Unity. We raised our babies in Unity Principles. My life has grown richly in so many ways as member of our church community. Growing spiritually through prosperity classes, studying metaphysics, prayer, attending weekly services, serving as a teacher in YFM, participating in our youths’ rallies here and at other churches, serving as service leader, participating on the prayer team and participating in YFM planning sessions with our spiritual leadership. I am a faith filled believer in tithing. My local government career has spanned 45 plus years and is a woven tapestry of social work, executive leadership, policy writing, program implementation, budget and finance, training and staff development and in risk management. I am grateful for your support.



Jodi Smith








I am running for the Unity of Bon Air Board because I would like to use my talents to help our church continue to move forward realizing and fulfilling its divine purpose. I have been coming to Unity of Bon Air for more than ten years, and I became a member not long afterwards. Since that time, I spent seven years as the YOU Sponsor—the adult who works with the high school teens within the church and also taking them to Rallies and other teen events. I loved working with the teens and got so much hope and inspiration from them.

I also have been a member of Women of Unity and now lead the Women of Unity group. I helped plan large events like the yard sale and the health fair as part of this group. I also helped with the Marianne Williamson event. I have previously served on the Unity of Bon Air Board, and I served on the Policies committee as part of that service. I have taught Unitive Justice Training and piloted Unitive Leadership. Finally, I am currently a nonprofit director, a “recovering” attorney, and volunteer director for the Alliance for Unitive Justice. I have a background in leadership training and teaching at University of Richmond. I would be honored to serve on the Board.





Michael Regulinski







I have been attending Unity of Bon Air for approximately 17 years, and have been a member for about 15 years.  Maureen and I raised two sons in Richmond and who are now married and living wonderful and fulfilling lives.  I have volunteered on many occasions with the Men's Group and consider Unity to be my spiritual guide, which is especially important now in these uncertain times.  I am an attorney with Dominion Energy where I have worked for over 20 years, and practiced law for over 34 years.  I enjoy a good laugh, delicious food and wine, rare Scotch, great friends, music, and an occasional cigar. My vision for the church is a place where people can meet and enjoy fellowship and be taught methods of and inspiration for spiritual growth.  Undoubtedly the current concepts for inspiration and teaching and fellowship will need to change because of the coronavirus pandemic, but together we can meet this challenge as we have with other challenges.  I ask for your support for the Board of Directors.




Howard Green



I have been a member since 2005. I served on the Board from 2007-2020 which was during the time we initiated our Capital campaign for the new church facility. For the past 3 years, I have served on the Board and currently as president. Unity has provided me with the opportunity to grow spiritually over the past 15 years. My dream is to spread our Unity message to others and be a vessel for love and acceptance. Therefore, I am running again for the Board to serve our community in any way possible. I appreciate your love and support and look forward to growing our ministry.