Breathe from Reverend Laura


From Reverend Laura Barrett Bennett

After hearing the recent news about the global viral outbreak, I was reminded of this verse in the book of Job, “The spirit of God has made me, the breath of the almighty gives me life (Job 33: 4).” I know that the Source of the sun’s energy that brings life back to the natural world as the days lengthen is the same Divine Source of life that lives and breathes in and through me – and all people.

Here is a prayer based on the work of Unity writer Clara Palmer to help you remember the life that lives and breathes through you:

God breathes through me the breath of life. The inspiration of the Almighty fills my mind and I am conscious of the life that builds and renews every part of my being and every cell in in my body. I am gloriously alive!

Whenever you feel nervous about your well-being, or that of another, gently breathe and relax into the Truth that the healing and sustaining life of God is gloriously alive in you!