Busy Brain from Cheryl Fare

Busy Brain from Cheryl Fare, Licensed Unity Teacher

Ever have a case of “busy brain” when you’re trying to be all spiritual? Unity teachings encourage us to seek the Silence or Stillness in our spiritual practice. Of course, in our human lives there never is actual silence or stillness, is there? How can we call it silence when there is a constant chorus of sound, inside the body and in the environment? It’s not really stillness, is it, when the body is constantly in the motion of breathing?

We may think of this as distraction, but the brain is just doing its job - noticing things that might be important, and keeping the body going. So when your “busy brain” moments happen, send it thanks and blessings. While it keeps doing its thing, you have the capacity to shift your focus to the Truth of the Silence and Stillness within. In this process of shifting focus, moments of realization are created. The beauty of Divine Nature is revealed, and in gratitude, wisdom is brought forth with ease and grace.

So, bless your busy brain, and keep on practicing being spiritual.