Courageous Conversations Discussion Forum

Monthly, on the 3rd Sunday, 12:45pm

Courageous Conversations

Facilitated by Reverend Zita Correll and Gail Courville

Is it possible to gather together and discuss “hot” topics in a way that does not embrace division and fear, laced with misunderstanding and myth?

At Unity of Bon Air, we say yes!

Courageous Conversations is a monthly gathering that will pose thoughtful questions and provide a respectful forum for discussing everything from racism to sexism, ageism, or the environment in a loving, safe and nurturing way. The goal is not to talk about what or who is wrong, but to allow every voice to be heard and gain a deeper understanding that allows us to connect with each other in love. We may not always agree, but Courageous Conversations will help us build a bridge that allows space for everyone to feel heard, honored, and respected.