Elemental Sound Meditation w/Julian Desta

Chillin’ at Unity is a new series of summer evening entertainments at Unity of Bon Air.

All programs will begin at 6:30pm, and will be presented IN-PERSON.

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Thursday, July 29, 630pm, IN-PERSON

Elemental Sound Meditation

With Julian Desta

Julian Desta broadens the natural healing experience through sound meditation. Closing the eyes while opening the ears allows one to access a deeper level of healing and relaxation. Julian uses singing bowls , Gongs, Didgeridoos, and various other instruments to take the listener on a Magical Journey within.

Due to a forecast for high heat, this event - originally planned to be held in the garden - will be held indoors in the Sanctuary.

Bio: Julian Desta is an Sound Healing Guide facilitating Sound Baths/Meditations in Richmond Va. and surrounding areas. Julian began his journey into sound healing many years before becoming a certified sound healer. His focus on sound healing emerged while he was training for his 200 Yoga Teacher program.  Julian developed what is now called Elemental Sound Meditations in which he uses a wide range of instruments and the natural elements of Air, Earth, Water, Wood, Metal, and Space to create a Magical Soundscape to take the listener on a journey within oneself.

Location: Sanctuary