"Finding the Gift" w/Charley Thweatt at 9 & 11am

Sunday, March 1st, 9am & 11am

"Finding the Gift - Must Be Present to Win"

with guest speaker and musician

Charley Thweatt

Charley Thweatt brings his gifts of warmth, humor, presence and ease to any gathering. He has been a favorite with Unity groups since the early 80s, when he took a leap of faith from his budding architecture career into touring full time with his spiritual concerts, talks and workshops. Charley has a talent for turning a room full of strangers into connected family, by sharing his original music, his angelic voice and his insightful workshops. He has been a presenter for spiritual organizations and metaphysical conferences for 38 years, throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, Fiji and Japan.

The biggest influences on Charley's spiritual path have been Unity, Centers for Spiritual Living, A Course In Miracles and seven years of touring with Alan Cohen's workshops and retreats. Charley has also been the musical opener for such other luminaries as Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Ram Dass and Louise Hay. He has appeared on national television and radio with his songs, with such titles as You're an Angel, Take Your Power Back and Dancers in the Light. You'll find his many CDs and more about his transformative work at his website: www.musicangel.com.


Charley will also present an afternoon concert:

Sunday, March 1st, 1pm

"Tell Me Stories" Concert

with Charley Thweatt

Music is powerful. And in the hands and heart of this musician, our walls melt and the room becomes one. Come join in this fun and moving program of music and connection with lots of opportunity to participate and sing along.  During some of Charley's songs, we will touch into that sweet inner place of peace. And during others we will shift into full out joy and joining. No two concerts are alike. It's always an in-the-moment event, with Charley listening for which song he is guided to play next. Amazing moments are available in this experience, and in a very brief time you may even feel that sense of inner connection that usually comes only after attending an entire weekend retreat!

Sanctuary/Generous Love Offering


AND, Charley's visit will finish with an evening workshop:

Monday, March 2nd, 7pm

"The Heart of A Course In Miracles" Workshop

with Charley Thweatt

A Course In Miracles is a beautiful and powerful self-study spiritual course, which has inspired millions since it was published in 1975. This evening class is perfect both for first-timers, who would like an introduction to this material, as well as long-time students of the Course.  We will use discussion, Course In Miracles-inspired music by Charley and two amazing workshop exercises to bring alive the principles found in this work. It's one thing to hear and read this information. However, the real power comes when we embody it through our own experience. And that's what will happen in this workshop. Charley has been learning from this material since the early 80's and is eager to share what he calls his "Course's Greatest Hits." Plus, the connection and sense of oneness that floods the room will be profound. We will go beyond thinking about these principles. We will know them from the inside out. Come play!

Sanctuary/Generous Love Offering