The Gifts of Darkness From Cheryl Fare

The Gifts of Darkness

From Cheryl Fare

We spend a lot more time indoors this time of year, when outdoors becomes icy and inhospitable. The days feel so short - just when you get in the groove of getting something done, it starts to turn dark and all you want to do is cuddle under a blanket. It’s this time of year when one of the quotes I have taped to my windowsill starts to talk to me. It’s from one of my favorite Unity teachers, Reverend Kelly Isola:

“We grow in the dark, and bloom in the light.

Whether the darkness in your life is a long winter’s night, a seemingly endless arc of healing, or a dark night of the soul – remember, the darkness is where we grow. In times like these we are tucked neatly beneath the soil of experience like seeds waiting for spring. We practice patience. We practice gratitude. Sometimes we succeed, and some days we can only resolve to do better tomorrow. The darkness surrounds us and keeps us safe until we are ready to shine our light, ready to bloom. So, when winter is getting you down, the pandemic is plucking your last nerve, and you’ve used up every decent show you can find on Netflix - tape this reminder somewhere you can see it:

We grow in the dark, and bloom in the light.

With Love & Blessings - Cheryl