Happy World Day of Prayer Week! From Reverend Patty Bittner

Happy World Day of Prayer Week! 

From Reverend Patty Bittner

The theme for World Day of Prayer 2021 is NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCES, ALL IS WELL WITH MY SOUL.  Prayer is the way we adjust our perspective and make a choice to reframe something that is disturbing into something that has limitless possibilities. We move from ego thought to a spiritual mindset and peace again becomes possible.

There is not one of us who have not been rattled by circumstances and forget our true identity as expressions of the divine. So when something comes up that makes us say “What the heck?” it is the perfect time to settle into prayer. When we turn to the truth there is the possibility of hope instead of despair, of light instead of darkness and a way where we saw no way. 

When we get still enough to align with Spirit’s voice our consciousness allows new vision and new possibilities.  Can you recall moments when the scales fell away from your eyes? One moment panic then silence and prayer and a divine idea arises, peace arises and invisible hands begin to work.  Our mind has given way to an inner change and the external form changes- sometimes quickly, sometimes over a process that unfolds to something we never imagined.  Moving from fear thinking to love and gratitude is magical.

When we go inside and turn to what is possible versus circumstances we allow the present breath, the present moment to be our teacher.  WE can move from resistance to acceptance. We can move from clenched fists to open hands, receiving the good that is already present in the love that we are.

Please join us or Unity Worldwide on September 8th or 9th and experience your connection to the Divine within.  GLORIOUS!! ALL IS WELL!!