How’s Your Life? from Reverend Valorie Kay

How’s Your Life? from Reverend Valorie Kay

I have a minister friend from another state who asks me when we visit, “how’s your life?”  This question opens our conversation up to a deep level. I look to see if my life is as free, abundant, and fulfilling as I would like it to be.

As a spiritual power, Order is the ability to organize, balance and sequence Divine Ideas. God “out there” is not orchestrating events or effects in our lives. When we work the power within us, we experience more of our desired results.

I could rephrase my friend’s question to “How are you Divinely Ordering your life?” The process of Order is a Divine Law. It is the process of Mind – Idea - Expression. When we misuse the power of order, then life may seem out of sorts.  Are you getting the results you desire?

When the inspiration of a Divine Idea comes, it seeks expression. The power is at the point of us. We use our powers of wisdom and love to bring Divine ideas into fruition.

How are you using your power? How’s your life?