OF Jesus, rather than ABOUT Jesus from Cheryl Fare

OF Jesus, rather than ABOUT Jesus from Cheryl Fare, MFA/LUT

The set of spiritual practices we fondly know as UNITY is based on the teachings OF Jesus of Nazareth, rather than all the teachings ABOUT Jesus that developed in the generations following his life. There is big difference for us to realize between the teachings OF and the teachings ABOUT.

In the words of Eric Butterworth: “Jesus did not come to found a new religion.  He said, ‘Think not that I came to destroy the law or the prophets: I came not to destroy, but to fulfill’ (Matt. 5:17). He sought only to upgrade the teachings of the prophets, to interpret the ancient truths in the light of contemporary experience. He formulated no creeds. He created no rituals, He developed no theology. The alpha and omega of His teaching was the Divinity of Man.”

In Discover the Power Within You, Butterworth distinguishes the teachings OF Jesus from the teachings ABOUT Jesus, step by step, in powerful ways.  This book is being studied in Unity Foundations class, meeting on Sunday mornings, 10:05-10:55am.  Feel free to join class any time for this revealing and transformational journey.