Joyous Abundance from Cheryl Fare, LUT

Joyous Abundance from Cheryl Fare, Licensed Unity Teacher

We live in a universe of joyous abundance!  Love and faith, joy and imagination, strength and wholeness - all exist in unlimited supply.  We know this in our hearts.  When we welcome a new child/pet/friend into our lives, it is not as if we have to take the love we have and divide it into smaller pieces.  We make more love, we have more love - we ARE more love!  And yet, despite what we know to be true in our hearts, when it comes to things in the material world, we often forget.  Unknowingly, our thoughts and habits become more in sync with outer world messages of scarcity and fear than with the Absolute Abundance that is the truth of our Divine Nature.  Let’s all take some time today to get back in sync with Divine Nature by practicing gratitude.  Take a deep breath and focus all your energy on being grateful.  Celebrate the abundance of All That Is joyously flowing in all aspects of your life!

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