Just Imagine! from Reverend Laura

Just Imagine!

from Reverend Laura

The spiritual power on which we focus in the month of June is the power of Imagination.  When we heard about the shooting in Virginia Beach at a concert at the church on Friday evening, May 31st, we sang John Lennon’s song, “Imagine.”  One lyric from the song is “Imagine all the people living life in peace.”What kind of world can you imagine that transcends any news of hatred, violence and division?  I invite you to hold to your own vision of love when you hear of hatred, peace when you hear of violence, and unity when you hear of division.  Then, act as though your vision is real and alive.  In fact, love, peace, and unity are qualities that are the true and lasting reality of the human spirit. 

Join us at Unity of Bon Air this Monday for a special Service of Prayer and Music to bring to a close our nine-day vigil for Peace and Unity that began this last Sunday, June 2nd.  We hope to see you then, or to be with you in spirit.  In the meantime – Just Imagine!