"Keeping Our Balance" excerpts from Positive Christianity Ministry

“Keeping Our Balance in Harmony with Divine Order”

(excerpts from Positive Christianity Ministry)


If you want to live and move and have your being in Divine order, you must

put first things first, by putting God first, by realizing that you live

and move and have your being in God. You can rejoice in the knowledge

that because you have your being in God, you are in Divine Order.


Have you ever been out of balance? Your emotions can be upset, your mind can be overrun with fatigue, and it may even make your body sick. To live a balanced life, you give time and thought to the whole of you—soul, mind, and body. Through prayer, through allowing God's power to flow through you at every level, you lay the foundation for perfect balance in harmony with Divine Order.


You choose the thoughts you would like to see take shape and form in your world. Through the mind that God has given you; you are able to exercise good judgment and take positive control over circumstances and conditions. 


Divine Order exists within every challenge and every problem.   When you affirm “I am in God’s perfect Divine order," you claim that you are in tune with

God's good, that you are in touch with the light, the life, the love, the

peace, the prosperity, the order, and the fulfillment that is God's

good-will for you. Divine Order is not limited to one facet of life. It

covers all your life.


In Divine Order, you feel your oneness with God, the good, the source of

all that is. How good it is to know that you are in Divine Order!