The Law of Attraction from Rev. Sharri MacKenzi

The Law of Attraction from Reverend Sharri MacKenzi

In week 5 of our book study, Ask and It Is Given, we once again look at how your attitude and mood is always pointing toward what is coming to you, because this is your point of attraction. Knowing this allows you to create your desires.

By paying attention to your thoughts and feelings, your Emotional Guidance System, you can change your point of attraction. There is no condition so severe that you cannot reverse by choosing different thoughts. You are an Extension of Source Energy.  Your emotions are the indicator of whether you are in alignment or misalignment with who you really are. With feelings of Joy, happiness, or appreciation you are fully connected to the Stream of Pure Positive Source Energy.

I invite you to stop, take a deep breath and think a thought that brings you joy, happiness or appreciation. Use your free will of thought to align yourself with the Stream of Well-Being that is the constant force in your life.

Happy Creating!