Learning to Find Oneness

July 18, 2018

Learning to Find Oneness
from Cheryl Fare, Licensed Unity Teacher

There is only One Presence and One Power active in the universe and in my life, God the Omnipotent Good
When we choose to take on the mantle of this statement and use it as our spiritual GPS, we open ourselves to discover opportunities for Truth to come alive in real and practical ways. Take conflict, for instance.  When we stand firm in the powerful awareness of Oneness, the annoying neighbor, aggressive driver, critical boss, or the nagging thoughts in the back of our heads have no capacity to affect us beyond what we choose to accept.  Learning to find Oneness in the ups and down of life takes practice, and that practice is the joyful activity that we call life. 
In January of 2018, I facilitated a course on the Unity classic, The I of the Storm, focusing on this very kind of practice.  We’ve had numerous calls for a follow-up to that class, so CLICK HERE or find more info below, and let’s practice finding Oneness in every circumstance together.