Love-Light Novena via Facebook Live

Sunday, March 22 through Sunday, May 24th

Love-Light Novena Livestream with Reverend Laura

A Nine Week Community Prayer Vigil via Facebook Live

Beginning March 22nd, we are coming together as a Unity of Bon Air Community in the healing presence and power of Divine Love.   Each week, the Meditation of our Livestream Sunday Services will be focused on a special theme that will carry us through the week.  We will then livestream on Facebook a daily prayer time with Rev. Laura, Monday through Saturday at 8:00 a.m. that will address the spiritual idea and practice of the day.  These ideas and practices will be made available in written form on our Community Update website page following each week’s Sunday Service.  By connecting together in prayer we can heal our lives and our world.  Come be the light and spread the love!


Lovelight Novena:  A Nine Week Healing Prayer Vigil


Week Nine:   

·        As we let the Lovelight shine in our minds, hearts, and actions, we see it shining in others.  In remembering who others are and have been for us, we remember who we are and can be for others.

·        Our Lovelight Novena is complete on Sunday, the 24th, but our 8 a.m. prayer time will continue with new themes in the following week.  In the meantime, enjoy the affirmations and practices of Week Nine.


Monday, May 18th:

·        Theme:  Spirit of Truth

·        Affirmation: I am one with the Truth that sets me free.

·        Practice:  Bring to mind a teaching or idea that has inspired you, write it down if it is not written already, and put it in a special place where you can find it and read it throughout the week.

Tuesday, May 19th: 

·        Theme:  Focus

·        Affirmation:  I am clear and focused on the light in your eyes and the love in your heart.

·        Practice:  See the light in the eyes of all whom you see today and feel the love in the heart of all with whom you speak. 

Wednesday, May 20th: 

·        Theme:  Wisdom and Love

·        Affirmation:  I am guided by Infinite Wisdom and lead by Divine Love.

·        Practice:  Seek to inspire someone today with an act of love.

Thursday, May 21st: 

·        Theme: Breakthrough

·        Affirmation:  I am experiencing a breakthrough in my spiritual understanding.

·        Practice:   See and old problem in a new light today.

Friday, May 22nd:

·        Theme: Prayer Power

·        Affirmation:  I am expanding my mind with the power of prayer today.

·        Practice:  Look at everything in your word today as a request for prayer, a form of prayer, or and answer to prayer.

Saturday, May 23rd:

·        Theme:  Contemplation

·        Affirmation:  I am at peace as I contemplate the Divine Presence in all things today.

·        Practice:  Take time to focus on the Divine Presence in the everyday objects and the current situations of your life. 

Sunday, May 24th

·        Theme:  Lovelight

·        Affirmation:  I am open and receptive to new opportunities for sharing my Lovelight with others.

·        Practice:  Let your Lovelight shine for another in a new way today.  Be with us for a special Memorial Day Sunday Service on Facebook Livestream at 11 am as we remember those who serve and those we have lost, both through the military and through our world’s current health crisis. 

Lovelight Novena:  A Nine Week Healing Prayer Vigil


Week Eight:  Abundant Life

·        As we apply this week’s daily affirmations and practices, we can experience the blessings of a rich and fulfilling life.


Monday, May 11th:

·        Theme:  Count Your Blessings

·        Affirmation: I am enriched with an awareness of life’s abundant blessings. 

·        Practice:  Pause at least three or four times today to count your blessings.  See how many you can count.

Tuesday, May 12th: 

·        Theme:  Humility

·        Affirmation:  I am willing to learn from my mistakes and grow through my challenges.

·        Practice:  See every challenge today as a teacher and ask your inner spirit what you can learn from it.

Wednesday, May 13th: 

·        Theme:  Courage

·        Affirmation:  I am courageous in my self-expression.

·        Practice:  Share love through a creative form of self-expression that stretches you beyond your normal comfort zone.

Thursday, May 14th: 

·        Theme: Tender Loving Care

·        Affirmation:  I am kind to myself in the midst of challenge.

·        Practice:   Treat yourself to a comforting and nurturing experience today.

Friday, May 15th:

·        Theme: Positive Outlook

·        Affirmation:  I am grateful for the blessings of the present moment and looking forward to the blessings that are yet to come.

·        Practice:  Lift someone’s spirits by sharing some positive words about someone or something in your life today.

Saturday, May16th 

·        Theme:  Paying Attention to Love

·        Affirmation:  I am paying attention to love’s presence in all conditions and circumstances.

·        Practice:  Listen for the presence of love in the words and actions of others and look for the opportunities to demonstrate love in your own words and actions.

Sunday, May 17th

·        Theme:  Doing Good

·        Affirmation:  I am open and receptive to the ways in which I can do good for others.

·        Practice:  Do something good for someone today.  Then, do something good for yourself by connecting with the Unity of Bon Air 11 a.m.  Sunday Service on Facebook, or by taking time for your own special form of spiritual worship and communion.

Lovelight Novena:  A Nine Week Healing Prayer Vigil


Week Seven:  Enlightened Desire

·        When our desires are rooted in unconditional love, when what we long to see brings love into our world, we are filling the world with the light.  Below are prayers and practices inspired by this week’s Sunday message that bring the light of love into our lives.


Monday, May 4th:

·        Theme:  Being the Light

·        Affirmation: I am a radiating center of the Christ light. 

·        Practice:  Close your eyes and see yourself filled with light.  Then, evnsion that light touching and lighting up everything and everyone in your world.

Tuesday, May 5th: 

·        Theme:  Loving Endurance

·        Affirmation:  I am patient, kind, and loving. 

·        Practice:  Make an effort today to show more patience with yourself and with others.

Wednesday, May 6th: 

·        Theme:  Return to Love

·        Affirmation:  I am forgiving of myself and others.

·        Practice:  Notice any unloving thoughts, words, or actions from yourself, or others, and be forgiving of them.

Thursday, May 7th: 

·        Theme: Divine Motivation

·        Affirmation:  I am motivated by unconditional love.

·        Practice:  In all that you do today, pause to feel the love in it.

Friday, May 8th:

·        Theme: Steadfast Spirit

·        Affirmation:  I am sustained and uplifted by the Spirit of God within me.

·        Practice:  Keep on keeping on with something good on which you were ready to give up.

Saturday, May 9th: 

·        Theme:  Clarity of Purpose

·        Affirmation:  I am listening to my heart and following the guidance of love.

·        Practice:  Follow the clear guidance of your heart this day.

Sunday, May 10th: Happy Mother’s Day!

·        Theme:  Love’s Abundance

·        Affirmation:  I am fulfilled through love’s activity today.

·        Practice:  Reflect on your life and celebrate where you have put love into action.  Then, join with others in the celebration of love’ abundance by connecting with the Unity of Bon Air 11 a.m.  Sunday Service on Facebook, or by taking time for your own special form of spiritual worship and communion.

Lovelight Novena:  A Nine Week Healing Prayer Vigil

Week Six:  From Void to Creation

  • In this time of separation and uncertainty it is natural to experience a form of grief.  Yet, the void of grief can become the creation of a deeper connection with Spirit and a more satisfying way of life than we have ever known.
  • Below are seven forms of creative prayer and practice that point the way to new life in all things.

Monday, April 27th:

  • Theme:  Illumination
  • Day 1: “Then God said, ‘Let there be light;…” (ch. 1, v. 3)
  • Affirmation: I am open to the light of greater awareness.
  • Practice:  Keep your mind illuminated with inspiring messages and literature

Tuesday, April 28th

  • Theme:  Faith
  • Day 2: “Let there be a dome in the midst of the waters,…” (v. 6)
  • Affirmation:  I am opening the way to new possibility with my faith. 
  • Practice:  Clear the way for any creative activity by pausing first to pray before taking action

Wednesday, April 29th

  • Theme:  Imagination
  • Day 3: Affirmation: “Let the waters under the sky be gathered in one place, and let the dry land appear.” (v. 9)
  • Affirmation:  I am planting the seeds of positive vision in the fertile ground of my mind.
  • Practice:  Whatever it looks like for you, hold to your vision of being fully alive in a loving and connected world.

Thursday, April 30th

  • Theme: Guidance
  • Day 4: “God made the two great lights—the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night—and the stars.” (v. 16) 
  • Affirmation:  I am present to divine guidance in all things.
  • Practice:  Become fully present to the beauty and blessings of your world and look for the good in all things.

Friday, May 1st:

  • Theme:  Self Awareness
  • Day 5: “Let the waters bring forth swarms of living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the dome of the sky.” (v. 20)
  • Affirmation:  I am a spiritual being embracing my human existence.
  • Practice:  Observe your thoughts and feelings, both high and low, and give thanks for the rich experience of being human.

Saturday, May 2nd

  • Theme:  Compassion
  • Day 6: “Let us make humankind in our image according to our likeness.” (v. 26)
  • Affirmation:  I am finding new ways to demonstrate compassion for the people in my life and world.
  • Practice:  Discover a new way to show your compassion to another today.

Sunday, May 3rd:

  • Theme:  Pure Power
  • Day 7Affirmation: “…God rested…” (ch. 2, v.3) 
  • Affirmation: I am resting in the pure power of God.
  • Practice:  Spend some time in the silence today.  Then, have a restful and relaxing day by joining us for the Unity of Bon Air 11 a.m.  Sunday Service on Facebook, or by taking time for your own special form of spiritual worship and communion.

Lovelight Novena:  A Nine Week Healing Prayer Vigil


Week Five:  Heaven on Earth

·        When we see the Earth with Heavenly Eyes, we are looking with the spiritual vision of the heart and connecting with the beauty, strength, peace, and life that is all around us.  Below are the prayers and practices that help us realize our oneness with all of Creation.


Monday, April 20th:

·        Theme:  Reduce the Clutter

·        Affirmation: I am mindful of my footprint on earth.

·        Practice:  Play a game this week for having as little trash and recycling as possible and see how much less waste you discard.

Tuesday, April 21st: 

·        Theme:  Re-use Your Resources

·        Affirmation:  I am honoring my resources.

·        Practice:  Choose something you normally throw away, and re-use it for a higher purpose.

Wednesday, April 22nd: 

·        Theme:  Re-cycle Your Good

·        Affirmation:  I am in the flow of life, circulating the good that comes to me, through me, and from me.

·        Practice:  Look for re-cycled material in what you purchase, and re-cycle the material you discard as much as you can.

Thursday, April 23rd: 

·        Theme: Nature’s Music

·        Affirmation:  I am in tune with nature’s song as I enjoy the beauty of my world.

·        Practice:  Listen to or look for the birds in your area, and let the variety of nature’s music, and musicians enrich your soul.

Friday, April 24th:

·        Theme:  Bon Air

·        Affirmation:  I am alive with the breath of my Creator.

·        Practice: Go outside, or open a window, and breathe - or just take a breath and let healing air move into your body and being.

Saturday, April 25th: 

·        Theme:  Renewed Intention

·        Affirmation:  I am renewed in my divine intention to honor the Earth and all that is in it.

·        Practice:  Check your intention for less waste and recycling (also indicated this past Monday) and congratulate yourself for any improvements in using the things of your life more wisely.

Sunday, April 26th:

·        Theme:  A New Earth

·        Affirmation:  I am seeing my world from the high place of spiritual awareness.

·        Practice:  Picture yourself on a mountaintop, and see your whole life and world filled with love and beauty.  Then, take yourself to a high place in Spirit by joining us for the Unity of Bon Air 11 a.m.  Sunday Service on Facebook, or by taking time for your own special form of spiritual worship and communion.


Lovelight Novena:  A Nine Week Healing Prayer Vigil


Week Four:  New Life

·        Life is eternal.  It renews itself when you transform from within your own being.  Here are some practices to bring New Life to your daily experience.


Monday, April 13th:

·        Theme:  New Life in Spirit

·        Affirmation: I am a living expression of the Divine!

·        Practice:  Prayerfully pause to notice your breath today.  Feel more than just air moving in and out. Sense the full energy of the Creator circulating through your body and being, and into all the areas of your life.

Tuesday, April 14th: 

·        Theme:  New Life in My Mind

·        Affirmation:  I am clear in thought and inspired with Divine Ideas. 

·        Practice:  Follow through on an inspired idea today.

Wednesday, April 15th: 

·        Theme:  New Life in My Heart

·        Affirmation:  I am centered in the harmonizing love of God.

·        Practice:  As yourself, “What can I release or create today that will bring greater harmony to a challenging situation?”

Thursday, April 16th: 

·        Theme: New Life in My Body

·        Affirmation:  I am energized as I take a new action to enhance my physical well-being.

·        Practice:  Choose one new healthy action today and congratulate yourself for doing it.

Friday, April 17th:

·        Theme:  New Life in My Relationships

·        Affirmation:  I am finding new joy in each relationship

·        Practice:  Choose a relationship in your life and look for something new to enjoy in it.

Saturday, April 18th: 

·        Theme:  New Life in My World

·        Affirmation:  I am inspired by good news today.

·        Practice:  Look for something in the news that uplifts and inspires you, and share your own good news with another.

Sunday, April 19th:

·        Theme:  A New Earth

·        Affirmation:  I am one with the Source of all life!

·        Practice:  Awaken to your connection with all life by watching the livestream of the Unity of Bon Air 11 a.m.  Earth Day Sunday Service on Facebook, or by taking time for your own special form of spiritual worship and communion.

Lovelight Novena:  A Nine Week Healing Prayer Vigil

Week Three:  The Way of Wholeness

  • Holy Week is your inner journey to a greater sense of wholeness.  Let the following Affirmations and Practices remind you of the sacredness of each day of life as you learn to live it fully.

See Clearly

Holy Monday, April 6th:

  • Theme:  Cleansing the Temple of Your Being
  • Holy Week Event: “And Jesus entered the temple and drove out all who sold and bought in the temple, and he overturned the tables of the money-changers and the seats of those who sold pigeons.  He said to them, “It is written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer,’ but you make it a den of robbers.’”  (Matthew 21:12&13)
  • Affirmation: I am worthy of great blessings!
  • Practice:  Selfish intention and desire comes from a sense of unworthiness and can rob you of your energy and peace of mind.  Repeat this affirmation throughout your day and turn the tables of selfish need into generous action for others.

Great Tuesday, April 7th

  • Theme:  Raising Your Inner Lazarus
  • Holy Week Event: “When he had said this, he cried with a loud voice, ‘Lazarus, come out!’ The dead man came out, … (John 11:43&44)
  • Affirmation:  I am ready to receive my good. 
  • Practice:  Look for the good and be receptive to the blessings in every situation.

Passover Wednesday, April 8th

  • Theme:  Spiritual Food for the Soul
  • Holy Week Event: “I will pass over you, and no plague shall destroy you when I strike the land of Egypt. This day shall be a day of remembrance for you. You shall celebrate it as a festival to the Lord; throughout your generations you shall observe it as a perpetual ordinance.  (Exodus 12:13&14)
  • Affirmation:  I find assurance and peace in the presence of God.
  • Practice:  Pause to feel the powerful presence of God in all you are doing today and commit yourself to be a center of peace and assurance for others.

Maundy Thursday, April 9th

  • Theme: Remembering the Love that You Are
  • Holy Week Event: “Do this in remembrance of me.” (Luke 22:19b)
  • Affirmation:  I am ready and willing to be God’s Love in action.
  • Practice:  Remind someone today that they are loved.

Good Friday, April 10th:

  • Theme:  Letting Go and Letting God
  • Holy Week Event: “Then Jesus, crying with a loud voice, said, ‘Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.’”  (Luke 23:46)
  • Affirmation:  I am at ease and inspired as I let go and let God.
  • Practice:  Take at least a short break from a project that has you stuck today and consciously offer it to God by saying the above affirmation.

Holy Saturday, April 11th

  • Theme:  Rest and Renewal
  • Holy Week Activity: “The women who had come with him from Galilee followed, and they saw the tomb and how his body was laid. Then they returned, and prepared spices and ointments. On the Sabbath they rested according to the commandment.”  (Luke 23:55-56)
  • Affirmation:  I am renewed and energized in spirit, soul, and body.
  • Practice:  Bless your body today with a good time for rest and/or make time to sleep well tonight.

Sunday, April 12th:

  • Theme:  Waking Up to Life
  • Holy Week Event: “But go to my brothers and say to them, ‘I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.’”
  • Affirmation:  I am raised up into newness of life!
  • Practice:  Awaken to your inner wholeness by watching the livestream of the Unity of Bon Air 11 a.m. Easter Sunday Service on Facebook, or by taking time for your own special form of spiritual worship and communion.



Lovelight Novena:  A Nine Week Healing Prayer Vigil

Week Two:  The Way of Understanding

  • Understanding is a spiritual power that enables us to perceive beyond appearances to the Truth that underlies all things and circumstances.  With our minds awakened to spiritual understanding, we can see clearly and act wisely in whatever is before us.
  • See Clearly:  Without opinion, assessment, or interpretation, be present to what is happening in yourself and in your world.
  • Act Wisely:  To act wisely is to act in a way that warms the heart and brings joy.

See Clearly

Monday, March 30th:

  • Affirmation:  I am unconditionally loving to myself.
  • Practice:  Look into the mirror and tell that person that you love them.  You love their mind, you love their body, and you love who they are in the world – just the way they are.

Tuesday, March 31st

  • Affirmation:  I am unconditionally loving to others. 
  • Practice:  Throughout your day find ways to let others know that you love, admire, respect, and/or care about them just the way they are.

Wednesday, April 1st

  • Affirmation:  I am seeing love in all things and all people.
  • Practice:  Look for the love, or the request for love, in everything and everyone around you today.

Act Wisely

Thursday, April 2nd

  • Affirmation:  I am doing my best for my body.
  • Practice:  Honor your body today as the temple of the living God.  Do what you can to treat it well through rest, exercise, nourishment, and maybe even a long and luxurious bath.

Friday, April 3rd:

  • Affirmation:  I am doing my best to do what is mine to do.
  • Practice:  Take care of a task that has long awaited your attention and do it with love and joy.

Saturday, April 4th

  • Affirmation:  I am doing my best for others.
  • Practice:  Find a way to be of service to someone today.  Make a donation to a place that serves others, make an encouraging and supportive phone call to someone who needs it, share helpful information with another.  Let others be lifted up by what you do. 

Sunday, April 5th:

  • Affirmation:  I am one with the One.
  • Practice:  Awaken to your inner wholeness by watching the livestream of the Unity of Bon Air 11 a.m. Sunday Service on Facebook, or by taking time for your own special form of spiritual worship and communion.

Lovelight Novena:  A Nine Week Healing Prayer Vigil


Week One:  The Way of Grace

  • God’s grace is with you in every situation, circumstance and condition.  Let its healing love fill your life as you become that grace in expression through the following affirmations and practices.
  • Speak the Truth:  Be gracious with yourself and others, speaking to your highest potential.
  • Be Your True Self:  Take time to pray, meditate, and know yourself to be greater than any fears, conditions, or circumstances.


Speak the Truth

Monday, March 23rd:

  • Affirmation:  I am gracious with myself.
  • Practice:  Say good things to yourself about yourself throughout the day.

Tuesday, March 24th

  • Affirmation:  I am gracious with those close to me. 
  • Practice:  Acknowledge family members or friends from the heart for who they are to you.

Wednesday, March 25th

  • Affirmation:  I am gracious with others. 
  • Practice:  Acknowledge what is good in, or about, others – to them and/or to other people. 

Be Your True Self

Thursday, March 26th

  • Affirmation:  I need no praise, and I am grateful to those who share it.
  • Practice:  Reflect on any praise you have received and gratefully recognize the love and generosity of the one who gave it.

Friday, March 27th

  • Affirmation:  I am immune to the dis-ease of hurt and criticism.
  • Practice:  Reflect on any words, or comments, that may have hurt or offended you.  Forgive those who said them and forgive yourself for letting them hurt or offend you. 

Saturday, March 28th:

  • Affirmation:  I am greater than my fears.
  • Practice:  Envision a blanket of light that wraps you in healing and protecting love as you move throughout your day.

Sunday, March 29th:

  • Affirmation:  I am who God created me to be.
  • Practice:  Watch the livestream of the Unity of Bon Air 11 a.m. Sunday Service on Facebook, or take time for your own special form of spiritual worship and communion.