Community Meditation

Tuesday Evenings, 6pm via Zoom


Community Candlelight Meditation

Message from Erin regarding this event happening on Zoom:

Hello Everyone! 
May this email find you in the arms of Grace!
I have set up this zoom link for the next several weeks. It includes a password, so should be secure. You will only need to click the link below that says Join Zoom Meeting. 
It is the free version of Zoom, so we will only have 40 minutes. Please arrive a few minutes before 6pm so you can settle in and we can promptly begin at 6 sharp. This way we will hopefully have time for a short reading or sharing after silence. Please have something meaningful to you ready to share if you choose to do so.
I look forward to seeing you all tonight!
Much Love-

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 789 0283 9090
Password: 9L7kHM


Join us in our ongoing Candlelight Meditation series, where we connect to our inner silence, stillness and spirit, opening ourselves to balance, harmony and clarity.

We begin by finding a comfortable seat within the circle, either in the chairs provided or you are welcome to bring a mat or meditation cushion. We will move through a short series of guided breath techniques relaxing the mind and releasing any tensions of the day. Before moving into total silence, we introduce ourselves and create a personal intention as we each light a candle, igniting our inner guiding light.

After silent meditation closes, we will explore inspirations from different wisdom traditions with the intention of carrying the benefits of meditation beyond the evening and into our daily lives.

A regular meditation practice supports transcending limiting patterns and behaviors, while uplifting mental, emotional and physical states with ease. Let’s explore these possibilities together!

If you’d like, bring a notebook and pen… and see you Tuesday!

All are Welcome!

This series is By Donation, with suggested offering of $5-10+

Facilitated by Erin Housholder,

Master Sattva Yoga and Meditation Teacher


Easy Parking, Outdoor Fountain & Café Tables, Stone Promenade, Tranquil Meditation Gardens

Stop by early and stroll through two acres of lush meditation gardens inviting you to slow down and experience the serenity of nature. Or, bring a friend and enjoy sitting at an outdoor café table on the promenade where the sound of the fountain will serenade you.