The Path. All roads lead to God. From Sharyn Mann

The Path. All roads lead to God. From Sharyn Mann

The Path is an ongoing column, written by Sharyn Mann, featuring interviews with Unity visitors and members discussing what brought them to Unity, and giving others an opportunity to learn about their fellow churchgoers. Please take time to get to know them and welcome them in the Unity way, because as we know no one is a stranger at Unity.

On the Path with: Marva Maynard    

The Path: Briefly tell us about yourself.

Marva: I’m a working class transplant from South Florida.

The Path: What brought you to Unity?

Marva: I was a member of Universal Foundation for Better Living UTC in South Florida, so I was looking for a similar place to fellowship. I was raising 3 sons and I wanted them to have a good spiritual church home that taught them the same principles

The Path: Briefly tell me about your experience since you’ve been at Unity.

Marva: I’ve seen a lot of growth and change, a lot of celebration, met a lot of good friends.

The Path: If you had to describe Unity in only one word what would it be?

Marva: Different. There really are a lot of people exploring different spiritual walks sharing mainly the same principles, so it’s always interesting to find out what someone’s background is and where they are in their spiritual journey.