A Power of Order Meditation from Cheryl Fare

A Power of Order Meditation

from Cheryl Fare

Begin by settling in with a few deep breaths, setting aside the busyness of the day, quieting the mind, and opening the heart. I am so grateful, grateful that my awareness of All That Is provides me with the foundation to weather any storm.  I am able to adjust and adapt to outer circumstances with ease, knowing that as I focus on Absolute Truth, my thoughts and feelings will follow suit.  When my human eyes see turmoil, I affirm peace; where there is injury, I affirm wholeness; when there is sadness, I create solace, for myself and for others.  This is my Power of Order.  I create my experience of the outer world, one thought and breath at a time, using Divine Ideas that express dynamically at the point of my consciousness.  I step forward in faith and joy, knowing that my spiritual practice provides me with the firm foundation to know the next and best choice for my highest good, and for the world around me.  One thought, breath and step at a time, I create peace; I manifest Love; I Am Light, and I AM grateful.  So it is.  Amen.