Powerful from Rev. Laura


from Rev. Laura Bennett

Do you feel powerful?  It may seem that there is a lot going on today that limits your power to do what you think it is you want to do.  Spiritual power, however, does not rely on outer conditions.  It is your ability to accomplish what you are here to do whatever the conditions of your world may be.  Such power does not come from mental reasoning, or physical effort.  These are but the tools of the true Source of power.  Real power is found in the deep stillness that lies at the center of your soul. 

In prayer and silent meditation is your power.  It is the power that renews, strengthens, and inspires you to be creative with what you do so that you are able to accomplish that which you seek in the world.  Remember, “There is only One Presence and One Power active in the universe and in your life, God, the Omnipotent (All-Powerful) Good!

In returning and rest you shall be saved;  in quietness and in trust shall be your strength (Isaiah 30:15b).