Reach Out and Touch Somebody’s …..Heart from Susan Green

"Reach Out and Touch Somebody’s …..Heart" from Susan Green

In 1970 Diana Ross recorded "Reach Out and Touch Somebody's Hand".  That song resonated with lots of people; me included.  Perhaps because it reminds of us how good it feels when someone notices and encourages us.  It does make the world a better place. In Romans 12:5 it reads, "So we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually we are members one of another."  We are sisters and brothers in Spirit!  I think that's why we love the 'greet your neighbor' portion of our Sunday services so much.  There is joyful energy in all the ways we connect from a genuine smile to a full out bear hug!  We touch each other’s hearts. 

I often ‘notice’ who has been away from Unity of Bon Air for a while and wish they were there with us to share in the joy of connecting with each other.  Lately I have been putting action behind my wishing and reaching out to people.  You can do that too!  Even if they have moved or are unable to join us for Sunday services, people respond with a smile because they were remembered.  So please do reach out and touch somebody's heart.  Invite them to join you at Unity.  You’ll feel good too!  And you will make the world -and UBA - a better place - not if - but because you can!