Sizzling Summer Series 2019!

Unity of Bon Air is excited to offer a variety of exceptional educational programs on hot topics related to mind, body and spirit.

Thursdays, July 11 through August 29, 2019, 7-9 PM 

Programs are open to the public and offered on a love offering basis.

July 11—"Cathy Williams, a Woman’s Historical Legacy of Courage”

This one-woman show, written and performed by Rev. Sandra Campbell, is about the first female to enlist and serve in the U.S. Army during the Civil War. Hear her captivating story from being born a slave in Independence, Mo., to working on a plantation in Jefferson City, Mo., to being liberated by the Union Army. Posing as a man using the pseudonym William Cathay, this brave, determined woman became one of the famed Buffalo Soldiers. Her once forgotten, yet distinguished historical legacy, is a courageous and inspirational tale that speaks to the heart of every human being.

Presenter: Reverend Sandra Campbell is an ordained Unity minister, accomplished speaker, and a dynamic playwright and storyteller. Sandra is a graduate and currently Executive Director of the Unity Urban Ministerial School. As Associate Minister of Unity Temple on the Plaza in Kansas City, Mo., she platforms, presents Sunday lessons, leads the Metaphysical Bible Interpretation study group, the Wednesday evening service, and the Courageous Conversations Initiative, which she founded. Before becoming ordained, she completed a 42-year career with the federal government, retiring from the Federal Aviation Administration in 2012. She has earned several degrees including a Master of Management from Baker University in Baldwin City, Kan. Among her numerous awards and accolades, most recently she received the prestigious Gold Medal Award by the Daughters of the American Revolution, for the work she is doing to preserve history. PBS produced and aired her one-woman reenactment, "Follow Your Dreams: The Bessie Coleman Story.

July 18—Heart Coherency at a New Octave

Can love evolve in scope, depth and in harmonics? Antonia's understanding is "Yes!” ...beyond our ability to cognate. Join us in an audio-visual presentation to meet these new geometric systems of love and find out what they have to offer you and those that come after you. Heart Coherency at a New Octave can be accessed through shape, motion, color and sound ...sacred geometry. Geometry is the language of creation. Geometry evolves, as does all life. Come experience the Geometric Technologies of Love for the next millennia and move beyond your current understandings.

Presenter: Antonia Albano has been facilitating workshops on the raising of human consciousness since early 1990s, taking her through many diverse fields, most moving into the esoteric sciences. In 2004, while on a modern-day vision quest, Antonia began a journey into the world of Sacred Geometry, that over the next nine years would culminate with a family of seven Geometries of Love ...sacred technologies for the next octave of human and a Unified Field System of Love for the next Octave of Love. This journey led her further into the world of geometry, physics, quantum physics, theosophy, philosophy, bio-geometry, shape, motion, color and sound as she sought understanding.

July 25—New Earth: A Parallel Reality

Take a journey to the Soul’s dimension where we remember union and experience New Earth. Here all our social and physical systems are designed, and all human endeavors are guided by the Unity of all things. Participants will be presented with an experience of and a roadmap to reach this already existing reality.

Presenter: Albert Moore is the author of Eyes in The Mirror; Everything Changed When He Met His Soul. He received a Bachelor of Architecture from Pratt Institute and an MS in Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University. Retired from architectural practice, Al is now an inspirational speaker and Assemblage Artist. Al is a visionary employing energy work, shamanic traditions, and universal principles to mentor individuals and groups in Self-Mastery.

August 1—Music, Comedy and Chocolate! Ventriloquist Lesley Smith & Company

Join us for a night of chocolate desserts and uplifting entertainment with world-class ventriloquist Lesley Smith and live music with Lucy Kilpatrick, plus a special presentation by Unity’s Daydreamers Creative Arts Campers! It is pure joy when songs about love and life from the romantic to the mystical, hit the stage with Lesley's hilarious characters. "I haven't laughed so hard since Carol Burnett donned a curtain rod and became an instant Scarlet O'Hara!" Caryn Clark, Executive Director of Heartworks. (Come early for the chocolate buffet!)

Presenter: Lesley Smith has been unlocking the happiness code for audiences for 30 years as a NE Foundation for the Arts Touring Artist, singer/songwriter, actress, puppeteer, ventriloquist, conflict resolution trainer, and spiritual healer. She uses her unique gifts to enthrall audiences so they can lighten-up, laugh and heal from the stresses of modern living. "Lesley's smile and presence is as warm and welcoming as her voice... And her puppets are something adults can relish." The Boston Globe.

August 8—The Forgotten Sense and the Ignored Tissue: The Emotion-Body Connection

Explore how emotions (grief, fear, anger, worry, joy) affect the body, tissues and posture. Learn hands-on techniques and exercises, plus the use of essential oils to release tissue, change thoughts and advance the journey to a higher consciousness.

Presenter: Wilma Langeveld is an internationally trained Physical Therapist, Dutch by birth, and now working in the USA as an MT and PT. Her extensive expertise has been developed through training in specialty courses from several different countries. Wilma’s favorite modalities are Connective Tissue Massage from Belgium and Germany, Acupuncture and Meridian Therapy from Switzerland and USA, Fascia Release and stretching from USA (Anatomy Trains) and Australia (Bowen and Maitland), Health Consciousness Healing modalities in the USA with Bodytalk, and Access and Accunect tapping self-help techniques.

August 15—Scientific Sound Healing for the 21st Century

Learn about the modern cutting-edge of scientific sound healing therapy. Starting with a brief history of healing with sound, Dan will lead us to modern techniques using binaural beats and exact frequencies. He will bring his custom-made sound table, head phones and light glasses for brief demos.

Presenter: Dan O’Neal is a musician and sound man for over 50 years, massage therapist for 25 years, and scientific sound healer. He studied with Dr. Jeffrey Thompson last year and is using Dr. Thompson’s cutting-edge sound equipment and techniques to find custom healing frequencies for clients.

The August 22nd event on Nature Spirits with Terry Frank has been cancelled due to a health concern.  Please check out this great new program in our series......

August 22nd:  Play and Pray Like an Actor – Exploring a Unique Path to Mindfulness

What does an actor’s work have to do with mindfulness, and what can you gain from this practice? Explore the long-form improvisational "games" that actors use in training to tap into the dynamic power of the here and now. Release the busy parts of the brain and embrace the present moment in a safe and fun environment through cooperative movement activities in large and small groups.

Presenter:  Cheryl Fare is a theatre professional with a Master of Fine Arts degree and more than 35 years of experience as an actor, director, playwright, stage manager and producer. She is a Licensed Unity Teacher with a focus on administration and communications, and a dynamic speaker and spiritual leader.

August 29—Restoration: Healing the Past, Causing the Future

Learn how to free yourself from past hurts and incompletions and build a bright and powerful future. We begin with a deeply moving video and story of family restoration. Then, we work with your seemingly difficult and unresolved issues, providing the opportunity to transform barriers into breakthroughs in love, relatedness and self-expression.

Presenter: Larry Bennett is a compelling motivational presenter and film maker committed to integrity, completion and love in families and in all relationships. He holds a BA in Political Science and is an accomplished business coach and zen-therapy practitioner. For more than 25 years, he served in the police department in Kansas City, Mo., as a police officer, supervisor and strategic planner where he researched, developed and executed plans and programs that positively transformed the relationship between the police and the community. Later, Larry worked for the Department of Defense where he effectively developed and managed teams, including several that were crucial in the exodus of the U.S. from Iraq. He lives in Richmond with his wife, Reverend Laura Barrett Bennett, Senior Minister at Unity of Bon Air.