Three Perspectives

August 15, 2018

Three Perspectives from Reverend Valorie Kay

Some souls experience the Divine through the wonder of Nature and Beauty which is considered the 3rd person of Spirit. Some souls experience the Divine through a devotional path of worship by praying to God or Spirit which is 2nd person. There are those who experience Spirit from mystical union or “I AM” which is 1st person.

Many world religions are over-focused on the 2nd person perspective which lacks the integration of the whole.  We each have a preferred perspective and gravitate to places of worship and practice that contain our preferred perspective.  What I love about Unity is that we balance of all three perspectives. We speak and pray affirmatively from “I Am”. We meditate and contemplate Oneness. And we behold the beauty and wonder of our world.

If you are missing joy in your life, which perspective do you seek to bring into balance? We are all hard-wired to experience the ecstasy of God. Stretch yourself and experience each perspective in your spiritual practice and perhaps your joy will increase.