Unexpected Income Prayer as adapted by Rev Valorie Kay

Unexpected Income Prayer

as adapted by Reverend Valorie Kay

God is the source of all supply, and Money is Spirit in action and I use it for good.

 My good freely flows to me so bountifully that I have an abundance to spare and to share, today, and always.

I expect “Unexpected Income!” I receive with gratitude.

All channels of financial supply are now open to me and I am richly prospered in every good way.

I believe true Prosperity includes the demonstration of right conditions, right activity and right happiness.

This word I speak in faith, activates the law of increased universal good for me, and I expect to see rich results now!

I visualize the financial good I expect. I see it coming to me now, richly and abundantly.

I claim and accept it now. I am grateful in advance! I bless all the good I now have, and I bless the increase.

I claim we are now prospering together in every good way, and share the good we receive.

I now freely give my tenth to my spiritual home. My giving is making me rich! I receive rich, lavish financial blessings now!

So it is. Amen!