What Can Love Do? By Laura Barrett Bennett

What Can Love Do?

By Laura Barrett Bennett

In life, there may be conditions or situations that leave you with a sense of uneasiness, despair, and the stress of being afraid.  At such times, what is there to do?  Co-founder of Unity, Charles Fillmore, said, “Love is the great harmonizer and healer,” and that Divine Love, “…loves for the sake of loving.”  In the most challenging of circumstances, we can take a deep breath, focus on the heart, think of all the people and things involved in what is happening, and consciously send them love.  Yes – all of them!  Then, we can ask in prayer what is ours to do and be, and commit to fulfilling on love’s perfect guidance.  Fillmore reminds us, “Divine love will bring your own to you, adjust all misunderstandings, and make your life and affairs healthy, happy, harmonious, and free,…”.  Just remember, when fear takes over your mind, let love take over your heart.

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear;… (1 John 4:18a).”