World Day of Prayer 2020 Reflection Questions

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World Day of Prayer 2020 Reflection Questions


During this time of affirmation and prayer, we invite you to take time for self-reflection. Our theme “From Fear to Faith” gives us the opportunity to see our experiences through a spiritual lens.

In this way, we reenvision ourselves and our lives.

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Reflection Question 1

“The power to see in Spirit is peculiar to faith … It is that which perceives the reality or substance of Spirit.”

—Charles Fillmore, Christian Healing (Unity Books, 1909)

How do you look beyond troubling circumstances that provoke fear, looking instead through the spiritual lens of faith?

Can the feeling of fear truly be misplaced faith, prompting you to change your focus to faith?

Reflection Question 2

“Now this faith that we are all cultivating … is built up through continuous affirmations of its loyalty to the divine idea, the higher self. You must have faith in your spiritual capacity.”

—Charles Fillmore, Jesus Christ Heals (Unity Books, 1939)

How does knowledge of and faith in your oneness with God help you move from fear to faith? What capacity does this knowledge give to you? How do you hold your mind faithful?

Reflection Question 3

“Charge your mind with living words of faith. Declare your faith in the light of Spirit within you. Keep your spiritual eye of faith single to the fundamental truth that Spirit is the light of your life.”

—Myrtle Fillmore, Unity Archives

What can you do today to live expectantly, to faithfully conform your actions to the truth that all things are possible in the light of Spirit?